League of Legends: Garen Carry

Garen OP

League of Legends: Garen Carry

Hello folks,

After a nice match with Garen today, I decided to make a post, because i really liked the way he could just run away after laying waste and rampage upon his enemies >:D .



Garen is a super fun champion to play, with the right masteries and items he can pretty much survive anything.

Garen Victory

Garen Victory

Here’s a screenshot of a victory with OP Garen.
I’ll soon try to make some video’s of this funny build and my play style, so stay tunned to be blown away by epicness.

And another one from just now.

Garen OP

Garen OP

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test hhuehuehuehueh


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    Wow! Nice stats! can you post a build?

    • well you can check his build from the screenshot i guess ^_^

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        Very well, I can post a build if there are many demands, but it’s just the recommended.

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    Awesome dude, cant wait to see those video’s ^^

  3. Noob!
    Nah Great job bro ^^ , you became really op with Garen.

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