Monster Hunter Online: 4th CBT

Monster Hunter Online: 4th CBT

Hey everyone! Here’s an other post from me, Mitsarugi!

This time we’ll be having a look at Monster Hunter Online, as the game started its 4th CBT April the 21st 2015!
The Game brings us some really nice and new graphics using the CryEngine 3 Engine!

If you know the Monster Hunter series or are new and would like to try it on PC , there is a Guide for you right here, altho you do need a Beta Key and some other hard to get stuff, if you’re one of the lucky few people and have all the needed ingredients here is how to get the game installed!

Mitsarugi plays MH4U too!! Add him with this Nintendo Friend Code: 1435-4332-5557

Monster Hunter Online 4th CBT Client Download and Installation Guide: Link

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    This is just awesome!
    I do wonder when do plan to release an open beta.
    Or if they even plan to release it in Europe

    • i don’t think they’re planning to release it on EU or NA servers anytime soon. It is a major game in Japan and China but i have heard rumors that they are asking for exclusivity of the game in their countries. Same thing happens with Blade and Soul

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        Yeah, I think they won’t but I do hope so!

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