Starcraft 1 In the distant future

In the distant future universe of starcraft 1, humans have been sent to the end of the world and they need to fight for their own survival on the very edge of the galaxy. The Terran government officials have managed to maintain a somewhat easy peace and to complicate things even more, there is a species called the Zerg who have entered space and is now destroying everything in the starcraft universe. You start off the game as being a leader for the military. You need to work hard to gather all the resources and you need to train and expand your teambuilding powers, leading them to glorious victory over the Zerg. You will also find that there are over 30 missions for you to do, but they are all across three campaigns so if you want to make the most out of this game, you really do need to venture into different waters.
So now you know a little about this game, it’s time to move onto what there is to do and how things work. The combat is mostly done on a stat VS stat scenario, so you basically only win if your stats are higher than your opponents. There is some strategy involved, but that is the basis of it, so don’t expect to win any battles if you are not willing to put the time and effort needed to develop your player.
The biggest problem with this game is that the graphics aren’t very good when compared to other games that were brought out at a similar time. This is kind of disappointing, but they have improved on this with Starcraft 2 so that is a bonus.
Overall, if you’re going to play this game, you may be better off by jumping into the second one instead. Make sure that you read up on the story though!