Starcraft 2 the journey

Starcraft 2 carries on the safa of Terran, Zerg and Protoss. These three races are going to go against each other once again in this stunning sequel. The veteran characters have been upgraded and they have been fully designed to do battle across the galaxy. So what is there to actually do in this game? You get a single player campaign that carries on from the Brood War, so if you haven’t played that, it might be worth doing some light reading before you move forward with this one. Even so, Starcraft 2 has unleashed a brand of new heroes with some very familiar faces in an edgy, sci-fi fuelled way. Of course, this game was created by Blizzard and they are famous for their work on WOW and other MMORPGs. In this new edition of Starcraft, you can expect to see hard hitting, competitive game play that will require strategy and skill to master. You will also find that the game play mechanics now distinguish each race individually, and with a 3D graphics engine, visual effects aren’t a problem at all.
So now you know what is so great about this game, it’s time to move on to the areas of improvement. Starcraft 2 has made several improvements over the previous game, because they have added some heroes and an additional race. A lot of SC fans weren’t fully attached to the hero concept and it is safe to say that they could easily add some more races as far as upgrades were concerned. It would also have been better if the characters had individual levelling and upgrade systems, because this would make the game feel more addictive and engrossing when compared.
All in all, the game is great and Blizzard have done a fantastic job with it, the only problem is that they could have been a little more proactive in their choice of “upgrades” but either way, it is certainly worth the play.