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Starcraft 2 carries on the safa of Terran, Zerg and Protoss. These three races are going to go against each other once again in this stunning sequel. The veteran characters have been upgraded and they have been fully designed to do battle across the galaxy. So what is there to actually do in this game? […]

Maplestory 2 is an upcoming sequel that is designed to follow on from the big hit, Maplestory. It is actually set back before the original and thanks to this approach, they have now been able to recreate an old favourite without actually having to ruin the original appeal. You can still see the cute, blocky […]

What Makes Gamers Tick?

With the increasing accessibility to online games around the world, the population of gamers has significantly increased every year.In fact, the global online games market is currently having approximately $50billion in terms of revenues. However, the question still remain on how big will publishers benefit from such momentum. There are high hopes for free-to-play games […]

AOG: New Admin – “Ronosho”

Hello Folks! It’s Jeff (aka Ronosho) here, I’ve been asked to be involved with the site and recently have started to add a Forum. It is still in the beginner phase but I will see if there are more items I can add to it!

AOG: Head Admin – “Beertje”

Hey everybody! I’m Beertje and it’s so awesome to finally make a post on the site. A little while ago i started to make AOG’s League of Legends video montages, i always enjoy the games i play with the team and i will be making a lot more for this series of videos. I’m feeling […]

AOG: New Admin – “Mitsarugi”

Introduction Hello fellow gamers and modders. Let me introduce myself, the name’s Nick, i’m 25 years old and i just love gaming & modding. Some of you might know me for my mods or addons for games like Skyrim or the Elderscrolls Online others may not know me yet, but don’t worry we’ll all get […]

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