In the distant future universe of starcraft 1, humans have been sent to the end of the world and they need to fight for their own survival on the very edge of the galaxy. The Terran government officials have managed to maintain a somewhat easy peace and to complicate things even more, there is a […]

Before you jump into the world of Skyforge, you may want to take a look at what it has to offer first. Of course, this is completely normal and you may want to read up on it first before you go ahead with your download and this is why we have created this review for […]

Medieval Engineers is the second game to be released by Keen Software. So what is this game all about? Most of the game revolves around planning, building and destroying your own castles while adding a mechanical contraption now and again. The concept is very plain, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t much to do. […]

S4 League was developed by Neowiz Games and it has already established a place in the market as being one of the top anime games of its time. It is completely online and it is incredibly fast paced so if you’re not quite into the fast paced gaming scene just yet, you might need to […]

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